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Caterham Seven 485

Caterham Seven 485

Some cars just aren’t afraid of any road that comes into view. The Seven 485 is one of those cars. As was Mr. Chapman’s wish, all unnecessary comforts remain absent to save weight and reduce mass. The result is a car that delivers pure, unadulterated driving thrills. The Seven 485 is the fastest production car Caterham has ever built in Europe. A 237ps champion ready to take on any highway one-on-one, the Seven 485 delivers huge dollops of torque, backed up by a high-revving, dry-sumped engine that makes it a wild, but intensely visceral ride. This isn’t a car it’s a missile. With Wheels. And you’re in it. Do you dare?

Caterham Seven 485 CSR

Europe plays host to some of the greatest driving roads in the world and the Seven 485 CSR is the perfect car to make the most of them. Hand-built, the Seven 485 CSR pairs a 237 PS engine with inboard F1-style front suspension, fully independent rear-suspension, 15-inch wheels and wider rear tyres making for a more relaxing ride – with the ability to thrill when the roads get twisty. A wider chassis and slight aerodynamics tweaks make the CSR standalone from the other Sevens in the range. Built with long-distance touring in mind, the 485 CSR is at home everywhere from exciting mountain passes right down to gentle coastal roads.

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